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Music makes the world go round, but it spins all the smoother with a stellar set of speakers. The NW3 is engineered by peerless whizzes, Peerless. Its casing is crafted by German carpenters, using local wood and a solvent-free stain, then protected with natural wax – Neue Werkstatt’s speaker looks as good as it sounds.

Founded by Moritz Fuhrmann, Peter Kraft and Jochen Maria Weber, Neue Werkstatt design, manufacture and distribute in close collaboration with local craftspeople. Like most makers on .W, it’s their ethos we admire. This Danish trio strive to be as ecological as they can – creating timeless pieces you know you want in your home – and the NW3 is no exception.

Article source: http://www.designoftheworld.com/nw3/

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