A Life on water

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When you visit Copenhagen you will come across a lot of different houseboats if you are near Sluseholmen, Ved Slusen, Havneholmen or Islands Brygge. We visited Lisbeth and Laust on their houseboat in the southern part of Copenhagen called “Ved Slusen”.

Living on the water has its perks, every morning Lisbeth goes for a swim simply by jumping in the water directly from their bedroom; she also enjoys kayaking when she has the time. The couple love the fresh air, as well being so close to nature, yet at the same time only a few minutes from the vibrating city life of Copenhagen.

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The 80 m2 houseboat was designed by Lisbeth and Laust, and Laust even built it as well. Laust is a skilled boatbuilder and runs his own company and workshop, while Lisbeth works as Head of Communications at Republique, a theatre in Copenhagen. Their concept for the boat was “less is more”, together with using maintenance-free materials.

“In order to go through with a project like this, it requires a lot of determination. It all comes down to making the initial decision and sticking to it. That is something we have always been good at”, explains Laust.

When you enter the houseboat one of the first things you notice is the amazing view and the beautiful kitchen from Vipp, which is placed in the middle of the room. The clean Scandinavian lines are constant throughout the interior choices, as you can see when you walk around the home of Lisbeth and Laust . The wooden walls add a sense of warmth to the otherwise white interior, which is only interrupted by a splash of colour from the Eames chairs in the kitchen and the yellow floor in the couple’s bathroom.

You truly get a sense of being in a holiday home all year around, and with the great atmosphere you otherwise mostly experience during summer.


Article source: http://danish.tm/article/life-water-houseboat/

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